“ZeoLIFT” with V.A.M. ©

VAM or Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae is a relationship that has been occuring between 80%+ of the worlds plants and certain species of fungi for the last 400 million + years.

Mycorrhizae literally means "Fungus Root" and is the description of the symbiotic relationship between certain fungus and root cells.

In exchange for sugars produced by the plants photosynthesis mycorrhizae aids in the ability for the plant to access more nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and all those elements necessary for plant growth and vitamin production in turf or plants.

Mycorrhizae also helps to guard against soil born pathogens.

The product works by spreading itself throughout the soil treated area and attaching itself to the root system of the plant.

When it activates on the plant it grows additional roots (similar to hair extensions) which spread throughout the soil and provide the plant with additional ground coverage and profile which allows the plant greater access to both water and nutrients throughout its growing cycle and beyond.

This product is already incorporated into the “GUZUNDER” at the point of delivery and application and trials have proven it to be a vital element in the production of a strong health plant system.

The V.A.M has been periled using a Zeolite base which ensures that as soon as moisture is applied it activates and spreads across the entire growing area.

As with all other products within the program, “ZeoLIFT” is 100% natural and as such causes no immediate or long term effects within the eco-system either on-farm or in the home.

“ZeoLIFT” comes to the user already premixed into the “Guzunder” and is essentially VAM encased in a fine Zeolite coating which breaks down to release the core product once water is supplied.

The VAM then spreads and attaches itself to the plant root creating further root growth thus supplying more moisture and available nutrients to the plant.

The information provided for this product is given in good faith. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but as the manufacturer or supplier can not exercise control over the use of the product, they accept no responsibility for damages, injury or loss of living things, soils or materials which may result from its use or storage. 

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