A Zeolite based product used as a soil conditioner and designed to provide the soil with a greater capacity to capture and store nutrients for the plant while at the same time increasing the CEC capacity of the area in which the plant is growing.

CEC stands for Cation Exchange Capacity which in simple terms is the ability for your soil to create Cation or Microbial movement within the soil which is the key to growing a strong and healthy plant.

The product is a negatively charged volcanic mineral with a very high CEC rating (142) which means that when you apply a highly positively charged stimulant to the soil they are naturally attracted (similar to the + and – of a battery or magnet) which causes the microbes within the soil to actively move thus stimulating growth,

The product is largely porous and has the capacity to hold up to 35% of its own weight in water or fluid then slowly release it back to the plant – this increases the moisture holding capacity in your soil and at the same time reduces the water usage.

When the product is applied to the soil it contains three of the remaining four products used in the system which ensures that your soil starts working the minute the product is applied.

“Guzunder” is available in exclusively  to ACGT Accredited producers in 1 Tonne Bulka  bags for use on farm and in 10kg buckets for domestic lawn or garden bed use. For more details click on Producers

The application rate for “Guzunder” is 1 Tonne per Hectare for producers on a standard soil profile however each paddock can be managed on an individual basis depending on the soil test levels and soil conditions.

“Guzunder” is particularly effective in sandy or light soils.

The application rate for domestic use is 20kg per 100sqm of turf or a liberal application in garden beds for new or existing plantings.


"Guzunder" contains a Fish based product and may cause an allergic reaction in some people - if you are allergic to fish please use extreme caution.

The information provided for this product is given in good faith. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but as the manufacturer or supplier can not exercise control over the use of the product, they accept no responsibility for damages, injury or loss of living things, soils or materials which may result from its use or storage. 

Always wash hands well after use.

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It's called "Guzunder" because it Guzunder the plant.

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