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This is the ultimate health tonic for any plant or garden system and is applied throughout the entire growing cycle to ensure that the plant receives all of the nutrients and micro-ingredients that it needs to grow and flourish regardless of the conditions.

Applied as an over-spray, the active and positively charged ingredients in the product not only react with the other elements in the soil to cause microbial movement, but also attach themselves to the plant foilage itself to stimulate the Gibberellic receptors in the plant and provide the natural sugars, Selenium and trace elements that the plant needs to grow both strong and healthy.

The product is applied at regular intervals throughout the growing cycle and is also used as a plant maintenance product throughout the life of the product to ensure that your turf looks strong and healthy all year round.

"Guzover" is rich in naturally occuring Nitrogen and Potassium and has a special blend of all-natural Magnesium to ensure that the plants Chlorophyll Cells are healthy and receptive and that the plant has a natural "Green" colour from tip to root.

“Guzover” can be applied through a Pivot Fertigation system – by in-ground sprinkler system on-farm or simply through a standard watering can for domestic Lawns or garden beds

The application rate for “Guzover” is 5 Litres per Hectare mixed at a minimum of 100:1 with water for producers and the product is applied roughly every six weeks depending on watering conditions or on an as needs basis.

For domestic users the rate is 100ml in a standard 2L spray-feed bottle filled to the top with water or 90ml per standard watering can filled to the top with water for garden beds or pot plants with new or existing plantings.

Once established apply throughout the year as required.

"Guzover" is NOT recommended as a foliar spray on Native plants.
Safe to use as a ground application.

By the way - It's called "Guzover" because it Guzover the top of the plant.


"Guzover" is a Fish based product and may cause an allergic
reaction in some people - if you are allergic to fish please use
extreme caution.

Always wash hands well after use.

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