“Green Earth”

Sadly today a great many Top Soils are not “Top” soil.

The sourcing of top quality soil has become much more difficult over the years as many of soils available have either been sourced form building sites, clearance areas or flood effected land and in a lot of cases have had a lot of their organic component removed in the cleaning process before the soil is made ready for sale or carry a level of contaminant from flooding and are classed as Acid Sulphate effected soil.

To "fill" the soil in the preparation process in many cases sawdust and scraps have been added together with artificial colouring to give the "Top" soil a healthier more organic look.

The use of a top quality soil mix in your garden beds or as an underlay for your new lawn is paramount in the soils capability to produce a strong healthy plant.

When an ACGT Accredited Turf Grower offers you “Green Earth” he is actually offering to try to replicate the growing conditions on-farm and reduce the stress in the turf.

When turf is processed ready for delivery the plant goes through a certain level of stress as its roots are cut and it is removed from the soil that it has become accustomed to growing in – This is why you see a great many new Lawns initially struggle as the plant attempts to re-establish itself in foreign soil.

Further stress is then added when the turf is layed as the turf struggles to establish its root in a completely different soil type.

By choosing “Green Earth” as your preferred underlay of choice you immediately reduce the stress on the plant greatly and ensure that your new Lawn establishes quickly and is stress free as it makes the transition.

“Green Earth” is a blended mix of top quality soil with all of the components of the ACGT Growth Management Program already added to ensure that your garden or lawn has the underlay or soil profile that it needs to start growing straight away.

“Green Earth” is used as the soil mix of choice on-farm by all ACGT producers and is available in 1 Tonne or 500kg Bulka Bags through ACGT accredited Producers for larger lawn installations or in handy 20kg bags for garden beds, pot plants and smaller lawns.

Disclaimer: The information provided for this product is given in good faith. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but as the manufacturer or supplier can not exercise control over the use of the product, they accept no responsibility for damages, injury or loss of living things, soils or materials which may result from its use or storage. 

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