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What is the ACGT Program?

Soil, when you look at it, is a very simple thing - It really only has two wishes in life -

1) To be healthy and productive  - 2) To grow things.

It doesn’t want to play the piano, it doesn’t want to drive a cement truck for a living and it doesn’t even want to play footy – it just wants to be healthy and grow stuff.

With this in mind it stands to reason that if you can help it with its first wish it will produce the second wish by itself.

The ACGT Growth Management Program represents a giant leap forward in 100% natural plant production for turf farmers and home gardeners across Australia and is fast becoming the production program of choice for environmentally conscious producers and gardeners alike.

Developed on-farm with extensive trialling by producers and Agronomists, the program uses a combination of all-natural products to provide a balanced and healthy base which ensures strong growth to any plant or crop without the use of harsh and sometimes dangerous heavy chemical fertilisers.

Both the individual products within the program, and as such their manufacturers, go through a rigorous annual accreditation program aimed at insuring that both the quality and the chemical free integrity of the products remain to the highest standards in the areas of – Contamination – Quality Assurance – Consistency – Storage and Handling – HACAP – BFA compliance if applicable plus finished quality and presentation.

The ACGT Program and its products have been designed for use either partially or in full by both Commercial Turf Farmers and Landscape Gardeners and are ideal for use in domestic applications in the home garden.

Only producers who have been fully trained and accredited to use the ACGT Program are eligible to grow produce under the program which includes full product and technical training for all staff involved in the supply or use of the products.

Paddock before ACGT Treatment

Paddock 15 weeks later

By adopting the ACGT Program producers and end users alike are finding that their soil, which after all is the greatest asset in any growing situation, remains more active, provides a better source of nutrient supply, requires less water and produces a stronger and healthier end product with a stronger root system.

This result combined with a huge reduction in chemical use is providing program users with a cleaner and greener end product while at the same time greatly reducing both their environmental footprint and overall water usage.

Because the products are all-natural the risk of over use and contamination caused by run-off into natural waterways etc is also greatly reduced which provides a huge benefit to the overall environment.

Turf producers in particular are now able to provide an all natural alternative for delivery to the family home thus removing many of the stories that abound of chemical reactions to new turf in both children and family pets alike.

Ask your turf supplier or plant producer if his business is ACGT Accredited and you may well understand why we say that not all Turf is “Green”.

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