"Green-Top" is the ultimate 100% natural finishing product for producers and home gardeners alike to either give the turf its final lush look before sale or to give the home garden or lawn that extra healthy look for that special occasion.

Applied at a rate of 5Ltrs to the Hectare for Turf production mixed with 100L of water per Hectare or by placing 200ml into a 2Ltr spray feeder bottle filled to the top with water for domestic Lawn and Garden treatment the product is designed to increase the nitrogen level in the plant while at the same time increasing the Gibberelic activity in the growth system of the plant.

"Green-Top" is only available from ACGT accredited growers and suppliers and comes in 20L - 5L or 1L bottles.


"Green-Top" is a Fish based product and may cause an allergic
reaction in some people - if you are allergic to fish please use
extreme caution.

Disclaimer: The information provided for this product is given in good faith. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but as the manufacturer or supplier can not exercise control over the use of the product, they accept no responsibility for damages, injury or loss of living things, soils or materials which may result from its use or storage. 

Always wash hands well after use.